29th january


2.00 pm – 2.30 pm – Welcoming and opening ceremony
2.30 pm – 5.30 pm – Game Round #1
9.00 pm – 11.00 pm – Party, Talk, Panels


30th january


10.20 am – 1.30 pm – Game Round #2
3:00 pm – 6.00 pm – Game Round #3
6.00 pm – 8:00 pm – Farewell and Awards Ceremony

the larps

Nebula’s Edge

by Alex Helm

Duration: 3 hours
Players: 10
Keywords: Sci-fi, second contact, diplomacy, faith

    For a thousand years, the galaxy has been at peace, with most civilised worlds signing the Kadera Accords to become members of the interstellar Alliance of Worlds. Earth is a signatory, and it provides support to the Alliance in the form of the Stellar Navy, a military peacekeeping force that battles the Alliance’s enemies, explores new worlds and upholds the Accords.

    A couple of years ago, a Stellar Navy starship called the SN Covenant ventured into the distant Lykus Nebula – the first Alliance ship to ever do so. Nebulas are notoriously difficult to traverse due to the dust causing navigation and visual problems. However, the Covenant found a world with sentient life – the spiritual Lyssian species.

    As per Alliance protocol, the Covenant’s crew introduced themselves to the Lyssian and made offerings of knowledge and resources. It was a typical First Contact mission, and it was successful. In return, the Lyssian offered up their most holy individual – the Ascendant – to travel on the Covenant and see the wider galaxy. Two years have passed since then. As per Alliance protocol, it’s time for the SN Covenant to return to the Lyssian to see how they’re getting on and to encourage them to sign the Kadera Accords and join the Alliance of Worlds. This is a game about making second contact, inspired by science fiction books and shows such as Star Trek.

    Content warning: Some character backgrounds include murder, torture and experimentation on living subjects (but no sexual stuff). While none of these things will happen in the actual gameplay, they will be referred to during in-game discussions. The game will use a casting form, so it is possible to opt out of having it in your own character if you choose.

    Venetian workshop (La bottega venexiana)

    by Olga Olga Vorobeva

    duration: 3,5 hours players: 7 players Keywords: Venice, painters, xvi century, coming of age

    “The xvi century is coming – Renaissance, the age of high day of arts. An old master in one of famous Venetian painting workshops is teaching a group of young people from all over the Serenissima Republic. Young painters work, have fun, make friends and quarrel, as any normal people of their age, but as time is passing, they start to make important decisions. What does the destiny prepare for them? Who will grow out of these boys?

    It is a simulatio-narrative larp, full of meditating on Venice and Renaissance painting. No precise knowledge of art or history of xvi century is required, all the information necessary for the larp will be given in the prologue. All characters are males, players may be of any gender.”

    Born this way

    By Rei England

    • Duration: 3 hours
    • Players: 4-6
    • Keywords: chosen family, LGBT+ history, acceptance  

    A group of young people meet at university and become friends. Each of them knows they are not like most people; each is struggling to accept themselves and be accepted for who they are. As their lives unfold and they grow into themselves, they will be there for each other, through good times and bad. Born This Way is a larp about queer friendships and the importance of chosen family.

    The game is intended to explore themes of acceptance, identity, relationships, and expression, and how those things evolve throughout our lives. Play will take place with a series of scenes in different eras as the characters get older.

    This game can be run explicitly for LGBT+ players if you wish to create a space for people who have shared experiences. It can also be run with non-LGBT+ players who want to respectfully explore such experiences and learn a little bit about recent history.

    Content Warnings
    This game is intended to explore the experiences of LGBTQIA+ people, and as such may include life events related to homophobia/transphobia/acephobia.

    However these events occur ‘off-screen’ and are entirely within the players’ control throughout and players way choose not to include these events. We will also use safety words and lines/veils so that themes will be removed if a player wishes to exclude these.

    The soldier Pereira and his school friends

    By Leandro Godoy

    Duration: 3 hours
    Players: 4-10
    Keywords: military dictatorship in Brazil, 1964 never again, history of Brazil

      “Soldier Pereira is an ordinary boy, from a family Brazilian middle class, who followed a military career after serve mandatory conscription at age 18. He moved away from his friends, and accepting the entire hierarchy military as the only one possible. Passed through the coup of 64 believing in the legitimacy of the process, and in 68 with AI5 (institutional act number five) saw everything as something natural, which would never reach their family and acquaintances. Until today…”

      Author’s note: in general, the defenders of dictatorships understand that oppression will never it would reach you and your loved ones. This is a larp made to confront that thought. DOPS, 1971. Soldier Pereira is the officer responsible for the patrol tonight.

      Dops has received new inmates who have already been tortured in other barracks, and like none information was obtained, were sent to the basements to one last interrogation session and then the shooting one of the prisoners, with the intention of forcing a denunciation of the others. But these are not just any prisoners. they are friends from the time of Soldier Pereira’s school, who were distanced after being drafted into the army.

      Smallest gods

      by Ylva Otting

      Duration: 3 hours
      Players: 8
      Keywords: Lightly absurd, competition, pantheon

      ‘You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow’
      Eminem – Loose yourself

      You are ready! Today is the day!. You are one of the smallest, in your own tiny pantheon. Pavideteo, or Pavi for friends, is a trickster god, the god of sex, secrets and videotapes. And Pavideteo gives 1 of the gods of your pantheon the chance to become a god of reasonable size. You are going to convince the other smallest gods that you are the best choice and that they should all vote for you.

      One of your parents was part of the creation of the pantheon, and has died, might have been murdered?. You don’t know much about it, but it doesn’t matter. Well, kinda, of course you don’t want to physically meet the other members of the pantheon because apparently that could be your end. What matters is that your parent’s believers are now “”free”” and of course you want to take them over completely selflessly and with a little help from Pavi. This brings you to such a large number of believers that you can be taken seriously as a god. The last hurdle is that you have to decide with the other gods who can take over the believers. But that won’t be a problem! Right?!?

      So what are we going to do: you play a god and a believer. You have the pantheon and your own altar. In addition, you are a believer of a god and you can therefore pray to this god. You have 90 minutes to somehow convince the others that they should vote for you, including Pavi, who is running this contest at the behest of the great gods. You see who gets how many votes during the game. So talking, begging, gossip, blackmailing, threatening, anything is allowed. If 1 person gets all the votes, they become a god of average size and that gives the rest of the pantheon new possibilities as well. Bigger is more power. But if one god doesn’t get all the votes, you’ll all cease to exist…


      by Malcolm (Calum) Campbell

      Duration: 3 hours
      Players: 12
      Keywords: sci-fi, space combat, duress, surviva

      Inspired by the rpg “Night Witches”, but in a setting rather similar to the Battlestar Galactica (BSG) reboot – a rag-tag collection of civilian and military pilots try to defend the Battleship Castor against never ending Enemy attacks.

      The Castor is already badly damaged, and pilots stay in their spacesuits the whole time in the flight deck area – limiting communication to radio channels (audio only), and conversations between two people when they are close enough to see each other’s faces (2 person video channels)

      Melt me

      By Naohisa Iwata and Ben Bisogno

      Duration: 2 hours
      Players: 4
      Keywords: Ice Cream, Anonymous Sex, Big Gay Energy

      Content: Exploring gay identities through sensual encounters with ice cream. For ages 18+.

      We Will Need: 1) Voice and text chat. 2) A spoon for each player. 3) A cup of ice cream (or an alternative creamy delight) for each player.

      We play men, including transmen, getting intimate in a gay bathhouse’s darkroom in Nakazakicho, Osaka. We get intimate with each other through eating ice cream! By the climax of the game we discover how we will finish: Will we lick our cups clean? Will we save some for later? Or, will we smother the creamy goodness all over our faces? Melt Me accepts players of all bodies and genders. All are welcome to play.

      Hunting the Hunters

      by Giovanni Magno

      Duration: 2 hours
      Players: 4-5
      Keywords: action, survival, horror, crisis, problem solving

      “You are an Initiate of the Arcanum Hunter Society. You and a bunch of young initiates have been called to a trial: an interesting artifact has been hidden into a “magic house” by some supernatural creature.

      You went in with a few tools and gears and you reached the room with a strange cup on a pedestal. You noticed that the cup was filled with a blue liquid and an inscription on the pedestal said that you had to drink from it to reach the next level of initiation into the Arcanum.

      It seemed easy, but as soon as you approached the cup, the room changed, you fainted and a few moments later you woke up in different rooms with your smartphone as the only way to communicate with each other. You realized that the others might have important tools to help you and all the team to survive to reach the cup… or just to try to escape. You don’t have too much time left. Let’s go!”

      In Hunting the Hunters you will find yourself facing several challenges and obstacles, finding new creative solutions to solve your problems and your best friends may become your worst enemies in a fast paced action online larp. Survival depends on your ability to promptly and creatively solve the problems you will have to face. Will you survive alone or will you try to save everyone? Content warnings: This game may include mature themes and traumatic endings, largely player generated so content warnings cannot be exhaustively listed. Safety mechanics and safety words/gestures will be provided, explained during the briefing of the game.


      By Chaos League

      • Duration: 2 hours
      • Players: 3-5
      • Keywords: remorse, guilt, redemption

      First of all, they came to take the gypsies and I was happy because they pilfered.

      Then they came to take the Jews and I said nothing, because they were unpleasant to me.

      Then they came to take homosexuals, and I was relieved, because they were annoying me.

      Then they came to take the Communists, and I said nothing because I was not a Communist.

      One day they came to take me, and there was nobody left to protest

      In First They Came, the players play people “undesirable”from Nazi government, experiencing the pain and paranoia that the regime’s persecutions inflicted on German citizens. As they retrace the lives of the characters, they will try to understand how they got to this point. What mistakes and misdeeds have they made to save their lives so far? Were they also part of the problem?


      By Caitlin Russell & Dustin Freeman

      • Duration: 1-2 hours
      • Players: 3-6
      • Keywords: phone call with deities, madness, admiration

      In Dream Phone of Cthulhu, it’s the ‘20s, and you are performing a seance to contact the alluring and terrifying gods beyond the veil.
      There have been signs and portents that your group has drawn the attention, and admiration, of a deity from the Cthulhu Mythos. How exciting and terrifying! Through an occult source, you have acquired an Accursed Phone Book.

      This seemingly plain phone book contains numbers in the directory that connect to the Old Ones, but you don’t know which is which. To find out, you need to make some calls. As a player, your goal is to guess the secret admirer’s identity, based on a series of phone calls to random gods.

      The admirer deity is cautious to reveal themselves – all of their previous relationships have ended… poorly, and they’re not sure which of you has the fortitude to meet them. The player who guesses correctly first, wins, and then the deity comes for them.

      A Song to Our Remakers

      By Raph D’Amico
       Barladian, Elena Ashmarina

      • Duration: 2 hours
      • Players: 2-5
      • Keywords: cosmic, cozy, songs, connection

      This is a game about connection. We will play Cosmic Beings trying to piece together what it means to be human, from the real life memories and songs chosen by us as players. Earth’s last gasp before being consumed by the Sun was The Signal; a blast of information containing a few memories of humanity, each attached to a song. Humanity hoped it might contain just enough information for some cosmic civilization to grant a second chance.

      Humanity was right to hope. Untold millions of miles away, the Signal has finally been heard by the The Receivers, cosmic beings who can manipulate energy, matter, and life itself, and who will bring Humanity—or some version of it—back into being.

      There’s a little bit of roleplaying, but mostly it’s an excuse to hear stories from each other’s memorable pasts, make a playlist you can treasure forever, and perhaps also save humanity a little bit. The vibe should be warm, playful, and lowkey—think Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure or the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.


      By Adam Kenney and Suko Toyofuku

      • Duration: 3 hours
      • Players: 4-6
      • Keywords: atmospheric, introspective

      “Tonight the dead may seek to live again. But the night is short and the path back will not be easy. May I guide them skillfully as the Eagle, Crow, and Owl watch over them. Welcome to my campfire, Ghosts who seek life!”

      You are a ghost wandering in limbo with little memory of your past life. You’ve been drawn to a mysterious campfire because you’re unhappy with the course that your life took. In order to reinvent yourself and return to life, you must first recall the life you lived and your past misfortune.

      With the help of the Guide and the other ghosts, you’ll forge relationships, make choices, and commit to a great sacrifice in order to create a better life before the Third Watch ends. Ghosts is rules-light, atmospheric, and very introspective, with no pre-generated characters. You’ll co-create your character and develop the setting through in-game conversations and ritual prompts.

      Content Warnings
      Unsatisfying lives with potentially traumatic endings; largely player generated so content warnings cannot be exhaustively listed, but an “X Card” will be in play which can be used by anyone to veto subjects or topics.

      Reunion with death

      By Mo Holkar

      • Duration: 3 hours
      • Players: 6-9
      • Keywords: high school reunion, murder, party, old secrets

      A high school reunion fifteen years after graduation, in a small town in the United States. The former students gather in the town’s main hotel, ahead of tonight’s big party.

      But one of them, former prom queen Micolette Lukanis, has been found murdered! Everyone is kept under lock and key in their hotel rooms, awaiting a full police investigation.

      High school rivalries will resurface, old grudges and secrets will resurface, in a heady mix of envy, betrayal, and lust. Fill the minibar, put on your complimentary terrycloth slippers, hang the “do not disturb” and join Holborrow High alumni as they prepare for their… death reunion!


      By Halden Ingwersen and Miles Lizak

      • Duration: 2-3 hours
      • Players: 3-7
      • Keywords: works of art come to life, magical realism, beauty

      The night has fallen, and finally the museum is closed and silent. However, it is a very special museum, where pictures and statues come to life every night. You may not know it, but even works of art have their own problems, their hatreds and loves.

      They see the history of the world pass by, just in front of their frames. In this online larp, you will choose a masterpiece and interpretate it in a game that alternates between lightness and deep reflection.

      The space between us

      By Wibora Wildfeuer

      • Duration: 4 hours
      • Players: 5
      • Keywords: science fiction, family drama, discovery, difficult choices

      You are the Mangatas, the most glorious family of explorers in the entire Space Fleet.

      Your mission: Find a habitable planet. Planet Earth will not last much longer. After 100 years of cryogenic sleep you woke up in this remote part of the universe. Now you have to stand strong as a real family and stay together, if you don’t want to lose your head in the vast void of space. In the meantime you will receive voices from the past and discover your future. And you will have to do what needs to be done.

      A Larp inspired by TV series like Lost in Space and The Expanse, in which secrets and twists will follow over and over until the end.

      Long Time listener, last time caller

      By Jeff Dieterle

      • Duration: 3 hours
      • Players: 4-8
      • Keywords: radio, collective storytelling, end of the world, irony

      Long Time Listener, Last Time Caller is a Larp on a radio talk show announcing the end of the world.

      Players collaboratively create a cataclysm during the game, and gradually expand it through the creation of shared stories. All punctuated by the musical dedications and the way of doing typical of radio conventions, which will be gradually abandoned in favor of moments of real human connection.

      The Glimpse

      By Karolina Soltys

      • Duration: 3 hours
      • Players: 6
      • Keywords: family, magic realism, bittersweet

      It is a modern family drama with some magic realism elements. Players will be divided into two groups of three: representing the same family in two parallel universes. The life paths of the mirror characters have drifted apart due to a tragic accident.

      The first act of the larp is realistic and the play is
      limited to the same universe. The second act introduces a surreal element: the characters’ computers are updated to a new quantum version of the operating system, which causes temporary malfunctions in video calls and gives the characters a short opportunity to interact with their counterparts in the alternative universe.

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